Bem vindo ao 3º ano do Neobux e Novo Layout

O Admin do site Neobux (clique aqui para saber mais sobre o site) deixou uma mensagem no fórum para comemorar o aniversário do neobux, e além disso implantou um novo layout no site.

Veja a mensagem:

Since the very beginning, NeoBux is the leader of the Paid-to-Click services.
We're so unique that we've drifted away from the usual "PTC" nonsense and became the reference of Paid-to-Click in a totally different area.
Basically there are PTCs and there is NeoBux.
So, let's continue our growth and uniqueness.

Now we're entering our third year of business and we needed to show the world what our users already know.
A rebranding was needed to show just that.

The rebranding process is defined in the following:
[ul][*]Mission: The offer of a credible and professional service that allows our users to earn money in a safe and secure way and our advertisers to be sure that their products / services are seen by a large specter of people with a determined profile.
[*]Vision: To keep and show our brand of reference in the Paid-to-Click business worldwide.
[*]Positioning: The safest and most professional brand in the Paid-to-Click business worldwide.[/ul]

The values we've achieved since day one needed to be reflected in this rebranding.
Those values are:
[ul][*]Trust and Safety: For the seriousness and credibility it has and shows.
[*]Proactivity: For the capacity of anticipating our user's needs.
[*]Professionalism: For delivering a fast and effective service.[/ul]

Our main goal was to show (to those that don't know us) what we are:
[ul][*]Credible: To be aligned with the strategical and reachable operational objectives, in an internal and external level.
[*]Relevant: To enhance all the attributes our users value.
[*]Distinctive: To stand out self characteristics which make the distinction from everything else.
[*]Sustainable: To capture a defensible perceptual space in the present and in the future, framed in the new brand's business strategy.
[*]Simple: To be easy to understand, memorize and associate.[/ul]

That brings us the new brand's central idea:
[ul][*]A credible, safe and secure service.
[*]A service that anticipates the needs of our users.
[*]A service that stands out by its efficiency and effectiveness.
[*]A service that translates into bilateral earnings.[/ul]

That central idea is the "win-win" in a multiplying factor:

1) We use a simple multiplying equation:

2) Add our logo to it:

3) And make the calculation:

The basic idea is that the left of the "X" are the users, the right are the advertisers (for example) and the "X" itself is "NeoBux: The place where users and advertisers meet". In other words: X marks the spot!

Here's how our logo is made of:

1) Return expression: "Win-win" situation.
2) Differentiation of the involved parties.
3) Convergence in a multiplier effect.

Here's a mockup of our future advertising strategy:

[hl]About the website itself:[/hl]
Well, as you can see, it has been redesigned to fit our new brand.
Not only it has been redesigned but it also also been re-written in many areas.
For the past two weeks, I've been implementing new features, enhancing old ones and making room for new ones.

These were the goals for the changes in the website:
[ul][*]Accommodate the new brand.
[*]Faster to process (server and client side).
[*]Lighter to download.
[*]Simpler to access and navigate.
[*]More user-friendly.[/ul]

There are many small changes and additions here and there and I don't want to spoil all the surprises. Just re-discover NeoBux because this year we'll have many more things to come.

The site will be a little slow at first since everyone will be re-downloading everything. It will return to normal soon.

You have new banners at your disposal now.
This is the perfect time for you to get new direct referrals. Imagine being able to advertise NeoBux in a totally different way, just like a fresh start.
Use the ones available right now. You'll have more in a few days.

Don't worry, I'll keep it short...
These two years that past have been truly amazing for me.
I just have to say "Thank you" to all of you that can see beyond the horizon and found a second home right here.
This is another day for history and this is only the beginning.
Happy earnings!
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