URVININVEST - 1.8% - 2% daily for 100-110 days (Principal Return)


In today's shaken and dynamic changing economic environment, being an informed investor is vital to achieve your financial goals.

Fast developing technologies and the expanding financial globalization turns the investment opportunities in to your favor, delivery right on to your computer screen.

Now You can invest on a global scale without leaving your home. The emerging economies of South America and East Asia providing now some of the most lucrative investment opportunities, becoming attractive and healthy investment environments for the future demands.

A special investment law creates abundance of investment opportunities within Uruguay!

All payments are made to your account Daily.
Minimum spend is $2 and the maximum is $50000.
You may make additional spend until maximum reached.
All transactions are handled via Liberty Reserve. If you don't have an Liberty Reserve account, you need to get one.

1.8% Ao dia por 100 dias (Principal Return)
2.0% Ao dia por 110 dias (Principal Return)
Todos os planos tem a opção de Compunding


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