Dia de CAOS no SandraClicks

Poisé Gente, nem tudo são flores no SandraClicks (clique aqui para saber mais sobre o site). Hoje o site esteve um verdadeiro caos, eu não acompanhei de perto pois estava viajando, mas vou postar algumas coisas que aconteceu no site:

Primeiramente parece que o moderador (Infovent) apareceu no fórum e postou esse tópico

FROM Sandra Clicks forum .POSTED BY GLOBAL MOD OF SANDRA CLICKS (infovent)


Dear users, I'm infovent, global mod from SandraClicks. Faced with the facts, or rather lack of them, I'm forced to ensure that all of us try to recover the money we've invested in this site, but to do that I need your help.

I've contacted the Peruvian Embassy, here in Santiago, Chile, and I quickly exposed to them the case, not to show them as a main reason the "international scam", but in the first instance to determine what happened to this person, in terms of ascertain whether there really is (he and Sandra), verify the address registered, and so on. And then, based on that, determine steps to follow.

In parallel, I contacted AlertPay to point out the situation and notify them of impending avalanche of disputes, and at this point I want to ask for your help:

I've received payments from two different accounts, indicating that money is distributed in these ones, or even more. The monthly withdrawal limit for each is $500, so in November & December they could withdrawn $2000, so it is very likely that much of the money is still there... I'm not saying that this is a fact, but it is a variable that we must consider anyway... This is why I need to determine from where we were paid, every one of us, and so notify AlertPay to provide with our funds.

It's very important that we work in a coordinated way, otherwise it will be a complete chaos and when the money runs out of an account, AlertPay probably will close the case. I need you to send me your vouchers by MP, or if for some reason this forum fails, post it to http://www.zonadecontacto.com, a brand new one installed forum "just in case".

Soon I will publish a guide on how to perform a proper dispute on AlertPay, but patience please, because I'll not be able to make it before tonight: I have a job and I'll do this in my free time, this isn't my responsibility... But as a moderator I feel it as a moral duty.

Depois disso o Admin apareceu no fórum, tirou o cargo de moderador do Infovent, apagou o tópico, e colocou o site a venda, olhe o que ele postou no fórum


I'm sorry for these days that I couldnt be here, I had several problems.... I tried to do my best but I think I couldnt do more that I can...

Today I'm starting with refunds and sandraclicks will be closed or maybe selled... I dont know.

Sorry to all my members who trusted on this page, but I cant still support this site.


Depois o admin e o "ex-moderador" conversaram no messenger, o admin passou o site pro moderador, escondeu todos os tópicos do fórum e anunciou a mudança.
olha o post no fórum:

New administrator (infovent)
« on: Today at 04:49:11 PM »


I just cant continue this site and I think this new admin will be one of the best.

His name is Javier (Infovent), a great person, a good friend... This site is not on sale anymore and also I didnt sell him this site, so this is a gift for him....

de repente o fórum do site que antes funcionava no link http://www.hightraffic4u.com passou a ser redirecionado para o site http://www.zonadecontacto.com/ onde o admin Infovent disse que não tinha nada acertado ainda, veja o post:

Re: Nuevo admin Infovent!!
« Respuesta #4 : Hoy a las 06:02:13 »

Es una situación cuando menos, compleja, necesito evaluar el nivel de deuda del sitio, cosa a la cual aún no tengo acceso. Esto por que la cantidad de dinero que me ha facilitado Andrés es limitada, pero concuerdo en que es justo que, cuando menos, se devuelva lo invertido.

En ése punto me quiero detener, pues debo ver bien con Andrés ese tema para dilucidar quien, cómo y cuando se hará responsable por ello, pues cierto es que las horas, y los días pasan, y mucha gente necesita una solución ahora YA.

O fato é que agora o site está sem nenhum ADS para clicar.
Eu irei aguardar até amanha (quinta feira) a noite para decidir se irei pedir refund no alertpay do dinheiro que eu investi no site.
Agradeço a AmarulaCream por me ajudar com as informações necessárias para fazer o post.

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LadyLuca disse...

Muito bom, agradeço o crédito :)

LadyLuca, aka AmarulaCream