ClixMX fecha as portas!

Ao tentar entrar no site ClixMX (clique aqui para saber mais sobre o site) acabei me deparando com um comunicado que me deixou muito frustrado. O admin admitiu que quebrou e que está fechando o site, os usuários como eu que não haviam investido no site acabaram sendo prejudicado, pois não irão receber seus pagamentos.
Só irão receber os pagamentos, os usuários que compraram conta premium ou que compraram referidos e ainda não conseguiram recuperar o dinheiro investido, os usuários que investiram no site mas que já estão no lucro com o site também não irão receber seus pagamentos.
Todos nós que estamos no mundo dos bux sabemos que os sites um dia acabam quebrando, mas ultimamente temos tido muita decepção com a maioria dos sites, esperamos que dias melhores venham e nos traga novamente o orgulho de ser clicador.

segue abaixo o comunicado que o admin colocou no site

Important Announcement

I have a lot of things to tell you, but I will try to keep this short.

After the last couple of attacks (that you already know about) the site suffered a lot of damage. Many members lost trust in the site (and me), we had to invest in more security, we lost almost two weeks of ads and purchases, etc. I have tried my best this last two weeks to keep the site alive. I had to reinvest all the money we had got from the site and put $10,000.00 of my own money to keep paying and maintaining the site.

Unfortunately things didn't go quite as planned. Even though some members did help us by buying referrals or memberships (and I thank you all), sales were really low. Ad visits were very poor too, many members requested payment and stop clicking. The last few days we had over 10 ads for free members, and the average clicks per user a day was 3. We also lost many members. I am not sure if it was due to the lack of trust or to the new anti-cheat locks we added, but out of the 165,000+ active members we had before the last attack, only a little over 19,000 have returned and are active. To top it off, we had almost $100,000.00 in pending payments and we got chargeback's for almost $2,000.

For all of the above, I have decided to close the site.

I am a business man, I have my own offline business, so I know that sometime it is necessary to make a decision like this one. This is the last thing I wanted to do, but I already spent 250% more than our original budget, and got no profit. Most of that was spent in the last two weeks, and I can not keep spending money like this. This was not a easy decision to make, but I did consider all the options I had (including that poll at the forum). The PTC model is very good and it can be extremely profitable for owners and members, but at this time we have come to a point where drastic measures are necessary.

What is going to happen now?

Well, first of all I am not a scammer. I will send payments to all people who invested in the site. I know lots of standard members will complaint, but I believe that is the fairest thing to do. Payments will take sometime as I will have to use my own money (my offline business), but they will all be sent. I will include in this page a little login box where you will be able to know if you are eligible for payment. That box will be ready on Monday (I hope) as I have to review the accounts, but for now I will tell you the criteria I will use.

To be eligible for payment you...

  • Must have logged in after Oct 16th and created a PIN, members that did not comeback are consider inactive and wont be paid.
  • Must have invested in the site (bought referrals or premium membership).
  • Did not get your investment back. If you made a profit or got your investment back, you will not be paid.

I can not tell you how long it will take to send all payments because I don't know how much money will be paid. I will have an idea on Monday.

I know how frustrated you must be (I am a member of other PTCs). I am also frustrated, angry and sad. I will open the forum again tomorrow so you can send you insults there. Please avoid sending me email as I will not be answering anything before Monday. The amount

you will be paid (if you will be paid at all) will be ready then, just wait a couple of days.

This is the lastthing I wanted, and I can not apologize enough to those who trusted the site, but that's business.

Thank you,

Jose Manuel
ClixMX Admin

Agora é bola pra frente e tentar lucrar com outro site.

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