ClixMX pode atrasar os pagamentos!!

Hoje li uma notícia no fórum do site ClixMX (clique aqui para saber mais sobre o site) que me deixou um pouco preocupado, o admin admitiu que não está tendo tempo para efetuar os pagamentos no prazo estipulado na TOS. Ele diz que fará de tudo para pagar no prazo. Vamos esperar pra ver o que acontece.

veja a mensagem na íntegra


As I am sure you noticed, we disabled the payments system yesterday. This was due to the amount of complaints we recieved from people who were not able to cashout because of the daily payment limit. We needed to make some changes...

At first we considered the possibility of having several hours a day to request payment, but since the limit was reached in less than 5 minutes, we thought this will not completely solve the problem. So we came up with a new solution (thanks to some ideas from our members).

1. The daily limit still remains. This is a temporary measure taken to prevent future problems to the site.

2. From now on; if by the time you request payment the daily limit has been reached, your payment will be moved to the next day. If the limit for that day has been reached, it will be move to the next... and so on. I understand this will "break" our own TOS because very probably some of you won't be paid with in 7 or 14 days, but at least it will take away the frustration of not been able to request payment.

Now there are a couple of notes here...

a. The date shown in your history is the limit we have to send your payment. I will do everything I can to send payments sooner, but to be honest, this last attack affected us badly and cash hasn't been flowing as it used to. (Thank you all who have made purchases an support the site btw)

b. The reason why we are doing this is to avoid having everybody ask for payment at the same time. Hadn't we done it, we would be facing a huge amount to be paid tomorrow (we restart paying tomorrow) and we wouldn't have been able to survive. We will resume with the old payment system as soon as we can, in the mean time I thank you all for understanding.

c. You will all be paid. These are just some difficult times for the site... they will be over soon. (I know I said a couple of notes, but this is important)

*** You might see that your request date is different than the current date. ***
This is necessary to keep track of the daily cashout limit.
Please don't ask me to correct that.

Thank you all.
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